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Thirty Pieces Of Silver: The Betrayal Of Elvis Presley is a 756 page full study and a complete unmasking of falsely reported news surrounding the life and twenty-one year career of Elvis Presley. In this publication, not only are the racial deceptions debunked, but an investigation into the allegations coming from Elvis: What Happened? are looked at and quashed. The author also focuses on the many contradictions from Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business, which was published thirty years later by one of the original authors.


This volume has full access to the supplemental website which covers fake and mislabeled photographs, interviews, concerts, movies, Elvis's personal and professional style, a full cross-references of the entire publication, and so much more

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  1. Marilyn Demeter

    Thirty Pieces of Silver is the quintessential tome for every Elvis Presley fan either young or old, new to his music, character and personality or those like myself who grew up with him in our lives and could never shake the enormity of his genius and loving kindness. I cannot recommend this book more for the words and pictures and the examination with the sharp accuracy of a lie detector. Thirty Pieces of Silver will make you think, make your heart soar and make you angry. I can guarantee you that when you close the last page…you will know the King of Rock & Roll, the way he wanted to be known his entire career. My hats off to the author for her years of scrupulous work and making right what for too long has been a lie left to fester. Thank you Joyce, you gave a part of your life for a friend.

  2. Lee C

    Thirty Pieces of Silver is a must for any ELVIS fan or music fan. This book is a treasure and has really opened up my eyes to the truth about the life and times of the real Elvis Presley.
    The beautiful glossy book and the online supplementation website that comes with this masterpiece, is packed with valuable and eye opening information, and makes book stand out!
    The quality of the prints as well as the conglomerate of information is more than enough to keep any Elvis fan busy for years to come.
    I am a musician and recommend this book for anyone that has any interest in Pop culture and music of course!

  3. Eric Miller

    Okay, I bit and I’m glad I did. Thirty Pieces of Silver is a breath of fresh air for any sound person who questioned the accuracy of Elvis What Happened? Joyce Vaughn investigated and pulled together a work of art that I hope all Elvis fans will be inclined to read.

  4. Calvin Donald Gray

    Must say I never saw an approach to Elvis’s history done this way. Most books all sound the same. Met Joyce Vaughn, author, while she was in Arizona introducing her book. This is a massive study along with the website that goes with it. Not something you can pick up and read in a day or two. There’s a lot here and the website keeps growing. Well worth the money.

  5. JLWinters

    It’s a nice book and was glad to add it to my Elvis collection. Had it not been for the investigative writing I’d feel it would have been a little overpriced.

  6. LennyRDD

    There’s nothing like this Elvis book. The author makes you feel as if you’re in a courtroom observing a libel trial. What I took for granted as fact, turns out that it wasn’t so.

  7. Sue Henley

    This is great. We recommend it for any true Elvis fan. Frankly we can not get enough good Elvis material.

  8. JustinePochtar

    This has got to be one of my most favorite Elvis books. When the author comes to my city I have to have it autographed.

  9. Victoria Gray

    I met Ms. Vaughn at a book signing. The amount of research and the way it is applied is different from any other Elvis book I’ve read (and I’ve read plenty of them). The book is beautiful and a whole lot of fun if you use it in conjunction with the website. It is loaded with spectacular photographs, but it is the stomping out of prior decades of lies which can knock an Elvis fan for a loop. This book teaches us not to just believe what we are told.

  10. qpidnetworkwyc

    RAISES THE BAR. If you only have one Elvis book in your library or one art book choose this one. You will never buy a more sumptuous volume. The slick pages are phenomenal. At first I balked at the price until I saw how huge it is. Then you get this wonderful website that goes with it. Joyce Vaughn’s research takes on a different angle on the life of Elvis. This book makes you think about how many years people have fallen for the rumors. Overall, Ms. Vaughn raised the bar on how Elvis books should be written.

  11. Warren Culen

    There is something divine about this book on the King. I purchased it for my brother’s birthday who happens to be a musician, but then I had to get a copy for myself as well. Surprisingly for an art book, it is a real eye opener. I was one of the ones who took the bodyguards book as gospel, but this smacks you in the face with truth. Written as if a detective and a lawyer took Elvis: What Happened? to court.

    The collection of photographs are used in a way to add additional proof to what is written. There is a great website with the book that links actual recordings with their true releases.

  12. CalvinAMof

    I absolutely love the clarity in this book. The text that accompanies gives us such a refreshing perspective of how it all started for the young King of Rock n Roll. Your eyes will open . . . 5 stars!

  13. WalterWest45

    STUNNING photos on high-gloss paper. Reminds me of an era and the gifted man that will never be again.

  14. CharleneDmreviews

    I did look at the book and was very pleased my husband gave it to me for my birthday. Love that the author didn’t put notes at the end of the book so you have to keep flipping back and forth.

  15. JackieKnods

    All Elvis fans need to own and cherish this book. The photographs tell the story along with Ms. Vaughn’s research. Worth every penny.

  16. Michaelseavy

    This book is a stunning collection of photos. Excellent coffee table size which is great because I thought it was pricey until I saw its size. The amount of research will wake the eyes of many Elvis fans. Highly recommended.

  17. Shanebride

    Wonderful book, great pictures with historical facts.

  18. Anthony Logan

    Saw this book at my friend’s house. I’m an Elvis fan, but chose not to read any more of the books written because so many were just plain negative. Too many of the early authors blamed Elvis for their poor choices in life. This book is EPIC! All the important photos are there and the author includes accompanying text so accurately. It blew me away. Like being in a courtroom taking all the lies to task. Highly recommended!

  19. Vina Rino

    Stunning, so very special. Love it and recommend to all.

  20. StevenFront

    Great book got it for my son.

  21. Charlene Donovan (verified owner)

    “Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley:”
    I have read Joyce’s laboriously compiled and phenomenal detailed accounting of facts and timelines that dispel the contents of the book ‘EWH.’ Every serious fan/follower of Elvis Presley should take the time to read this book. And out of respect and in defense for Elvis, take the time to share with others what they have learned about the man and human being he was. Thank you, Joyce, for your time and years you sacrificed to set the record straight.

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