““Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Betrayal of Elvis Presley:” I have read Joyce’s laboriously compiled and phenomenal detailed accounting of facts and timelines that dispel the contents of the book ‘EWH.’ Every serious fan/follower of Elvis Presley should take the time to read this book. And out of respect and in defense for Elvis, take the time to share with others what they have learned about the man and human being he was. Thank you, Joyce, for your time and years you sacrificed to set the record straight.”

Charlene Donovan

“Saw this book at my friend’s house. I’m an Elvis fan, but chose not to read any more of the books written because so many were just plain negative. Too many of the early authors blamed Elvis for their poor choices in life. This book is EPIC! All the important photos are there and the author includes accompanying text so accurately. It blew me away. Like being in a courtroom taking all the lies to task. Highly recommended!”

Anthony Logan

“There is something divine about this book on the King. I purchased it for my brother’s birthday who happens to be a musician, but then I had to get a copy for myself as well. Surprisingly for an art book, it is a real eye opener. I was one of the ones who took the bodyguards book as gospel, but this smacks you in the face with truth. Written as if a detective and a lawyer took Elvis: What Happened? to court.

The collection of photographs are used in a way to add additional proof to what is written. There is a great website with the book that links actual recordings with their true releases.”

Warren Culen

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